District Governor & Roles of Assistant District Governor

15 Jun 2015 07:30 PM - 09:45 PM

Speaker: CP Sally Ho

Organiser: Rotary E-Club of Tamar HK

Location: Online

District Governor:

The District Governor performs a very significant function in the world of Rotary. He or she is the single officer of Rotary International in the geographic area called a District. The District Governors, who have been extensively trained at the International Assembly and regionally at the governor elect training seminars, provide guidance and leadership to the over 34,000 Rotary clubs of the world. They are responsible for maintaining the high performance of the clubs of their District.

The District Governor is a very experienced Rotarian who generously volunteers more than a year to leading the District; has a wealth of knowledge about current Rotary programs, purposes, policies, and goals; and is a person of recognized high standing in his or her profession, community, and Rotary club. The Governor makes at least one official visit to each club in the District. The Governor must supervise the organization of new clubs and strengthen existing ones. He or she performs a host of specific duties to ensure that the quality of Rotary does not falter in the District and is responsible for promoting and implementing all programs and activities of the RI President and Board of Directors. The Governor plans and directs training for incoming District Officers and also oversees the organization of the District Conference and other special events.

The Rotary International District 3450 includes Rotary clubs from Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia, and The People’s Republic of China- Guangdong Province.

Roles of Assistant Governor:

The office of Assistant Governor was created in 1996 as a key element of the District Leadership Plan, the organizational structure for all Districts that was adopted by the RI Board in an effort to help District Governors better support their clubs. Assistant Governors are appointed by the District Governor to support and strengthen their assigned clubs. These key District leaders help incoming club Presidents plan for their year and for the Governor’s official visit, advise clubs on strategies to achieve goals, and visit their assigned clubs at least four times a year.

In addition to providing more responsive support for clubs, Assistant Governors also form a pool of well-trained District leaders from which to select future Governors. The Assistant Governor serves as an important resource for both the clubs and the District Governor, helping to ensure that everything runs more smoothly within the District.


1. What is the name of the District Governor in your District?

2. List some roles of the District Governor in your District.

3. List some roles of the Assistant District Governor in your District.